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coaching tips and tools Oct 18, 2017

Working on your goals is one thing but if you're really going to make your goals work for you you need to get them in your day-to-day diary and acknowledge how each goal impacts the other areas of your life.

Ok beautiful people, this is a 5 step exercise. Print my superb Worksheet and lets get to work!

Step 1 - Read the sheet - I've written a five year plan but do what you need to do to suit your circumstances and life plan.

In order to complete the sentence at the bottom of the sheet, we start by closing our eyes and picturing the scene, how does it smell, what can you see, how do you feel, what are your surroundings like, immerse yourself in the scene and now open your eyes and start writing - most of us in the meeting on last night wrote more than one A4 side doing this bit so open your mind, enjoy the feeling and share on the paper everything (no editing please).

Now look through the scene and putstars by each statement that will involve an action...

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