Marketing Retainers

The whole of the TotesFab team at your disposal.

So you're ready to grow your brand and business this year but you're frustrated by advertising, promotion, building your funnels and then keeping your kajabi funnel in tip top condition? You need this Totally Fabulous Team working with you.


Launching and growing your online business isn't rocket science, it's about testing and seeing what resonates with your tribe. The businesses that succeed are the ones who can last through the testing period.


with the Totally Fabulous Marketing Agency my team are all based in my offices in England and my brother Charlie is our only non-UK team member (he's based in Australia) with no outsourcing.




I like to be really transparent about costs so you know you're ready when we chat on a zoom call. So these are the ways we can work together:


To begin with (unless we've worked together before) I like to do a full strategic review of the full potential of your business before we focus in on the priorities for building and launching together. Our packages are Done With You services and we need YOUR knowledge and charisma to help us help you!


We will then work together to create your online social media content calendar. One video from you and we create a podcast, youtube video, vlog, linked in article, and 31 posts and quotes for IG and FB EVERY MONTH! Organic Social Media is often the first thing people see (we call it Step 0) - it's your brand awareness - so your ethos, your brand, your energy, your personality, the overarching message. It's to pique people's interest and get them following you and “choosing you as their guide”. Then they see your paid step 1 ads as we retarget the engagement audiences from Step 0.


We will handle everything related to your PR, Advertising and Promotion - be this FB ads, LinkedIn, PR - whatever you need we will support you. Not only will be strategise, plan, create and launch - we will also support the content creation of all of your promotion - eg your speaker showreel, your fb ad videos, your interviews - all storyboarded and directed to help you appear in the possible light. Your marketing campaign grows an audience for you using our Step 1, 2 and 3 adverts ready for testing your sales ads to. You will be directed on three separate "shoots" over zoom with Charlie and Chiara to perfect these videos.


We will help you to strategise, build, hone, launch , hone again, tweak, test and launch again - Kajabi is an amazing platform and working with our team with guarantee you use Kajabi and all its features to the best of its ability - you're in safe hands #kajabiambassador #kajabipurist. 


Our Retainer Packages

Strategy (Messaging, Target Audiences, Funnel Logic, Customer Journey)

Platform Implementation (Kajabi Wordpress or Joomla)

Content Creation (Multi-media course content)

Video Editing & Graphic Design (Branding, Content)

Social Media (YT, Podcast, FB, IG, LinkedIn)

Paid Media (FB/IG, Google, YT and LinkedIn Advertising)

At any one time we will focus on 1 funnel for you (even though you may have lots of ideas) - this involves strategy, build, content creation, social media and fb ads - if you want to run more than one funnel at the same time we can do this but you will need to commit to one of our higher packages to ensure there are enough hours to work on everything you'll need. Please scroll to the bottom to see the packages for build followed by the management retainers.



Our Totally Fabulous "Switch & Focus" package is for those of you who are ready to go "all in"!

Bear in mind that the average full campaign build - 3 sets of adverts edited, launched and managed, social media, full branded funnel and product creation - is approx 75 hrs and can be more. We go at the pace of your monthly retainer hours, so often we will request extra blocks of time in the second or third month if you sign up for one of the lower retainers in order to keep up momentum.

We will work on your multiple funnel ideas from webinars, quizzes, challenges creating multiple "gateways" to bring people into your funnels and see which one resonates best, to perfecting your brand messaging across multiple social media platforms - your investment for this package is set per month depending on your budget and time need with full access to my team.

Client Love -

“I’m a child therapist and have just launched a membership to help parents and children manage anxiety related issues with weekly support and positive psychology interventions.

Jodee’s team are editing my videos, launching my podcast, revamping my child therapy & membership websites plus implementing a structured Facebook Ads campaign & marketing funnel to ensure my ideal clients are finding me so I can help them.

Jodee & her team are organised, punctual & forward thinking. They also have great creative flair & an eye for detail.

I would recommend in a heart beat.

I’m only at the beginning of my online sales journey but wake with a sense of relief now Jodee has my back because I no longer feel like I’m ‘winging it’ we have a concrete plan & I’m super excited to see what the next 6-12 months online revenue brings."

Claire P (Switch & Focus Retainer Client) 

"I can’t say enough high praises for the fantastic job that Jodee and her absolutely amazing team did on my quiz, website, and pipeline setup! Everyone on her team is technologically outstanding, yet also friendly and super creative (special shout-out to Savannah who did the majority of my work, so beautifully and patiently).

It’s so rare to be stress-free during a huge job such as this one but Jodee and her team made the entire process, a painless and pleasant one. They were very receptive to my input and took the time to address each of my concerns. I have absolutely no hesitation in encouraging you to go with this brilliant group of people.

You will not be disappointed!"

Rabia Subhani, Psy, D.

"I have been working with Jodee and her team since November 2022 and expect to continue this relationship on an ongoing basis for the foreseeable future. I have "test-driven” (translation: spent money with limited and/or with disappointing results) a couple of marketing agencies and Jodee's agency stands apart for multiple reasons.

  • They have a very systematic, process driven approach to everything. That’s important to me because I don’t like when things feel like they are adrift, especially when I am investing my money.
  • I also find them to be highly responsive. I don’t have to wait days on end for questions to be answered. This week is a great example. A week ago, I identified a very specific target audience for the training that I do (thanks in great part to a few people in that audience who wanted to advocate for me). This necessitated a quick stand up of a funnel targeting those folks and we’ll be launching that new funnel this week.
  • It’s not just the superb technical support her team provides with Kajabi (Jodee is a certified Kajabi Expert and I have ZERO interest in learning any of the tech stuff), but the marketing advice is awesome as well.. She consulted with me on a number of approaches we could take not only for creating the funnel, but for shaping the offers as well.
  • One of the things that also drew me to Jodee’s team is that they are a “one stop shop”. With other agencies, I had to find other people to help with editing video or do it myself, for example. Everything I’ve needed so far in terms of subject matter and tech experts are all in Jodee’s shop so everything feels more integrated and it makes it MUCH easier for me not to have to coordinate different service providers.
  • As it relates to aesthetics, the things her team builds are absolutely beautiful and very functional at the same time. My experience before Jodee is that some companies are great at visuals but weak with tech, or they are great with tech but poor with marketing expertise.
  • I’m hard pressed to tell you that I’ve spotted a weakness yet working with Jodee’s team.
  • Finally, I like that I had to “qualify” to be a client just as she had to “qualify” to be my marketing team. It was evident from the beginning that she doesn’t take everyone in who knocks at her door. I run my business the same way and I really appreciate that approach.

You can tell I’m a fan of Jodee and her team, but you should also know that I am not someone who is easily made a fan of anything or anyone."

Greg G (Switch & Focus Retainer Client)

And hear below from Brandy Agerbeck who has worked with me in multiple ways to support her online business:


Switch & Focus Retainer Package Options

We recommend each client works with a minimum of 15 hours per month so that our team can fully embrace the three parallel projects and make swift progress.

A typical online business build is 75 hours and we will work with you for a further few months after build is complete to test and optimise your funnels to achieve sustainable profit.

Please plan for a minimum seven month project with the team.

NB - We have payment plans for 15, 20 and 25 hours per month so do let me know on the call which level you would like to proceed at to suit your budget or timeframe.

75 hrs BUILD
Pay in Full


Three month Full Launch Campaign.

Follow with monthly retainer for ads testing and scaling.


Management Retainer
15 hrs pm


Continued Ads Management - testing and scaling your campaigns.

1-2 funnels.


Management Retainer
20 hrs pm


Continued Ads Management - testing and scaling your campaigns.

2-3 funnels.


Management Retainer
25 hrs pm


Continued Ads Management - testing and scaling your campaigns.

3-4 funnels.


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