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coaching tips and tools Oct 18, 2017

Working on your goals is one thing but if you're really going to make your goals work for you you need to get them in your day-to-day diary and acknowledge how each goal impacts the other areas of your life.

Ok beautiful people, this is a 5 step exercise. Print my superb Worksheet and lets get to work!

Step 1 - Read the sheet - I've written a five year plan but do what you need to do to suit your circumstances and life plan.

In order to complete the sentence at the bottom of the sheet, we start by closing our eyes and picturing the scene, how does it smell, what can you see, how do you feel, what are your surroundings like, immerse yourself in the scene and now open your eyes and start writing - most of us in the meeting on last night wrote more than one A4 side doing this bit so open your mind, enjoy the feeling and share on the paper everything (no editing please).

Now look through the scene and putstars by each statement that will involve an action in order to achieve it (eg driving a Mercedes, put a star by this because you'll need to consider how to pay for it) I had two but one lady had 18! The wheel of life helps you consider how your actions and goals will impact specific parts of your life.

Step 2 - Write a list of your actions and pick one (a good strong one) to work with for this immediate task (you will of course work on them all eventually).

Now we have our goal and we can picture and taste it even, we need to start planning everything according to our wheel of life so we can consider every way that the goal will impact our life, this task prompts us to properly allow for the bigger picture and you should create sections with comments for each of the parts of the wheel according to impact and actions you need to take. So you may find that if your goal is business related, you have a lot in the career bit, and only a few in the other sections but the wheel helps us to consider every aspect fully (for example the work on your business may impact time you spend with your family or it may mean you need more help with childcare) which is why this is such a realistic and powerful workshop. So for each goal, review the sections of the wheel and how the goals will impact each one.

Step 3 - Making bite-sized tasks - Write down all the months of the year in the left column of an A4 sheet and assign tasks to those months that will work towards you achieving the larger goal. For example If I want to sell my house in December I need to do some painting and work to the house so I'm assigning those projects to months of the year allowing for times when I'll have other budget pressures (eg summer holiday or christmas).

Step 4 - Now work on the weeks of the month (so if I need to paint the hallway in June, I'll need to source and book the decorator in April and consider paint colours and order the paint in May)

Step 5 - Now work on the days of the week, turn those tasks into bite-sized chunks that you can achieve so that every night when you go to sleep you know you have progressed towards your goal - this is the "REALLY MAKE IT HAPPEN" stage! THIS is the one that moves your goal tasks from pages on the table (that could very well end up in a drawer ignored) right into your diary. You need to open up your diary (Im a paper diary girl because I believe its more tangible and calls to the universe, but if you love the digital then its all going to achieve the same in the end) and you need to pop your daily tasks in so that each day you are progressing towards your beautiful goal. If you get this stage done you will genuinely be able to make these goals happen.

Remember what Leonie Dawson says - only 1% of people write goals and review them regularly. So get your daily tasks written in your diary.

Do pop comments on my facebook page with your own take on this exercise and lets get accountable to each other please!

I want to hear that you've added your tasks to your day to day diary because I know that those who do will actually make their goals happen and I want to celebrating with you all on 31st December 2015!

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