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coaching concepts Feb 12, 2018

If not - why not? She looks after you through thick and thin, she celebrates the wins with you and commiserates with you over the not-so-great outcomes. You need to do the same - she's always there for you. You need to start thinking about always being there for her too.

Business has its times of plain sailing and then you face waters so rough your face is green - and you need to love her the same through it all. 

Sometimes we expect this to be a one-sided relationship - that our business should always be a success and give and give to us, filling our hearts and our bank accounts. Well I believe it's actually a two-way relationship. Why not consider how you can support your business instead of always expecting it to support you.

By this I mean nurture it and encourage it by putting in place systems and processes to help it run it's admin side smoothly. I mean look for any gaps that would help your customers ascend your sales funnels more beautifully without jarring or irrelevance.

I mean consider running your best friend a hot bath and bringing her a glass of prosecco - whatever it takes to make her relax and be content will create a stronger relationship in the long-term.

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