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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

Oooh goodness me I'm over excited! I've just had a phone call from my gorgeous cousin confirming how long they'll be joining us at our holiday house next week. I was hoping for a long weekend but they've managed to get a whole week away from work and will be joining us for five full days!

My heart is singing and I'm feeling so loved and cherished. Our tribe isn't just our fabulous business clients, you see, it's actually the sum of the whole generous and wonderful circle of our impact here on earth - it's the relationships we develop throughout our lives that really stand the test of time and nourish us. 

Looking towards my holiday I'm busy busy this week in anticipation of having family time away. It's funny isn't it how we look forward to our time off and then have to paddle under water at a ferocious speed to clear our desks before our departure - goodness me we deserve the holiday when we finally set off!

This year we're thrilled to welcome our house-sitter Christa who I met at No Limits this March to look after the house, the dogs and ducks. It's a freeing feeling knowing we don't have to take them off to kennels this time. We've not had a house-sitter before and it's seems a luxury, but it's an essential luxury now we have the ducks and they are so worth it. My life is unimaginably enriched by their arrival. I find they keep me mindful - watching them potter and chatter and interact with each other is enchanting. I set myself the task of listening to figure out which duck is a girl and which is a boy, we have four girls and two boys and my challenge is to keep watching all six ducks whilst singling them out individually to assign their gender - you see the girls quack and boys mutter so you can tell them apart if you wait and watch long enough. This is my mindful. This is how I empty my head of all the clutter for some time and rest - it's funny what methods we find to be mindful. I wonder if you've got a mindful method that's a little different. I'd love to know - I could create a whole list!

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