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Plan for the badly behaved bunnies!

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2020

I built my driveway without planning it first - so much wasted time changing my mind half way through! Don't make the same mistake with your online business - plan it first to ensure you can be mega-efficient when you build!

Check out this week's video where I'm talking about why, how you can ensure you have planned for the "badly behaved bunnies" in your business. 


Transcript from video

Hi, I wanted to talk to you today about the really, really important bit in your build. Before you do anything, before you start branding or web siting or sales funneling, you've got to plan everything out. I know this sounds super blooming obvious. You're like yeah Jodee, whatever. I swear to God when I do my business build intensives, which is a build in a week, the client has six weeks of coaching beforehand to bring all of the content together. And before they stopped creating all of that content right at the beginning we draw around the map. I call it the machine. So it might be that you're a whiteboard person, it might be that you're a post it note person. FYI, I learned that Kajabi co-working day the other day, you must use branded post it notes. Do not buy the crappy ones from Londis cause they fall off the wall anyway.

That's fine. Bye. So Oh what was the other thing we learned? You have to take the it note off the pad like that side to side, not up like that. Cause then it kills the things you learn a co-working debt. So you might be someone who has lots of different color coded, post it notes and you have some all over the world and you plan out what you're going to be doing. Kind of what your funnel's going to look like. The email sequences, the pages, the options, the forms, the offers, the products, how it all goes together. We might do it on a whiteboard. I like to use a system after the whiteboard. So I do whiteboard first. I like to use a system called guru, G, E R, U. And that's a great system for doing a visual funnel visual machine because then you can see easily where the gaps are, what have you not allowed for.

Because before we go into content creation mode, we want to make sure we're allowing for the well-behaved bunnies and the badly behaved bunnies. Let me explain the difference between the two. When we create a business, we assume everyone's going to do exactly what we want them to do because we're making a huge bloom assumption. We're assuming that they understand they should go here and click that and go there. And after that they go here. So most of us build websites entirely for the well behaved bunny that does in fact, go here, click there and turn left. But what if they turn right or they don't click that or they download your freebie but they don't watch it. Or they sign up for a program but they don't go and log in, et cetera, et cetera, because no one's going to be able to work deeper with you or do more in your sales funnel if they're not even consuming the initial product of the content that they've downloaded from me.

So when we create this machine, we want to be looking at the well behaved bunnies and that pathway and the badly behaved bunnies and their pathway. Create that amazing machine, the email sequences that deal with the people who don't do what you think they're going to do. The email sequences that deal with the people who do. So you need the yes in the notes we call this. If this, then that someone goes left, this happens. If someone goes right, this happens. If someone right and doesn't do this, then this happens. If someone goes left and does do that, something else happens. It can be quite complex, but this is why I tell my clients time and time again, plan it all out first so that you can look at that whole complicated machine and make sure that you've got all of the yes and nos.

Allow for is there many go to bills. All you do is kind of download one or my task list from guru. So you need seven email sequences and they all need to do this, this, this and this. With these links, you need 17 landing pages, you need four option forms, you need seven offers, you need three products, et cetera, et cetera. Then you just focus yourself and say, right, what am I doing today? I'm going to record videos. Let's have a look at the task list. Oh I need to record 14 videos. These are the topics set. Set up your kit, set up your lighting, set up, all your stuff, get recording. You're in flow. Then cause you know exactly what's expected. Rather than, okay, what have I missed? What have I not done? And that's the kind of stuff that keeps us awake at night as well as the stuff we've missed.

Whereas if you plan it all out first, create your machine so that you know when you start content building, you're not going to be wasting time. You're not going to be duplicating effort. You're not going to be procrastinating because you can't remember what it is that you need to do. You can sit down and have a video day. You can sit down and have a branding day. Get all your images from Unsplash going to come the Creek, whatever some nails you need because you know the titles of all the videos so you can go and create them all. How much easier is that than doing it on the fly? Oh, I've just recorded a video. Now I'm going to create the thumbnail for that one video. No stupid idea. Record 14 videos going to camber Creek 14 thumbnails. Do you see you're far more in flow when you've planned it out?

I know this sounds super obvious, but I swear to God, it means that when I get clients doing the business build intensive, they just fly and we can build a website and a whole machine within a week and get Facebook ads live. The only way we can do that is if we do it using this method. So creating a machine, theoretically first, work your way through everything. Make sure it all adds up. Make sure you got the lefts and the rights and the world behave. Bunnies are silted and the body behaves. Bunnies are sorted, and then you're going to be in full flow. Thanks for joining me. Cheers guys. Bye.

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