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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I love working on my clients' super powers and I realised that whilst I'm busy encouraging them to shout theirs from the rooftops I totally forgot to shout about my own!

So I wanted to share it with you!

Your super power is the wonderful gift you have that sets you apart from others in your niche. It's the thing that people mention when asked about you. It might be your manner and personality, it might be a gift or talent you have or it might be the fact that you're the only one does what you do. 

One of my more obvious super powers is my high energy and enthusiasm for everything. When you work with me I'll keep you motivated and excited by your project even when your natural levels are on the low-side.
However, the super power that I really want to share with you here is how I write your copy with you. You see I focus on helping you be super super specific about your business and I also help you to write brilliant "client identifiers" that show your potential customers just how much you understand their predicament.

Here's an example of a session I had with a client last month, she's a coach who helps busy mums find time for self-care and nurture themselves more. So we brainstormed these three questions for her to use in her online copy - eg her website or facebook adverts or memes.
1) When was the last time you did any artwork that didn't involve a three year old?
2) Do you have a spa voucher that's over a year old?
3) Are you buying organic because at least that feels like you're doing something?

Can you see how, if you're their target market, reading these questions or "identifiers" will fill you with confidence that the writer truly understands how you're feeling? Yup! That's the point of these wonderful identifiers and aren't they effective!
I love creating these with my clients and I've realised that it's actually a super power of mine - I love being put on the spot and asked to create these right there and then like I was when I came up with these ones during an event workshop that I ran last month.

Super powers rock! So......what's yours?

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