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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I love this clarification - achieving the lifelong goal of "coming up with my own concept". 

I feel like I always knew this was inside me but it hadn't formulated itself yet. As though the idea was swimming around in my mind-soup taking its time to being solid.

It came to me finally last month with such a big HELLO that I was grinning with delight and jumped straight away into my facebook group to share the concept and I had so many wonderful TotesFab members shouting in agreement totally validating the whole concept and confirming how big this is - it was such a fabulous feeling and I just knew all along that this was how it would feel to achieve this goal.

So here we are - I'm so excited to share this with you and I hope I do this justice. It's such a perfect idea that I must now practice the most succinct way to communicate it and this is my first written attempt.

I work with heart-centred entrepreneurs - these are wonderful biz people who have a strong desire to share their message with the world. These are people who feel that desire so strongly that they very often feel they can't charge for their services because it is their soul purpose to help people in this way and "who are they to charge for that": they believe this is a gift they have been given and it shouldn't have monetary value applied to it - it's not like "normal" services like having your car MOT'd or buying groceries.

Before I started working with these wonderful heart-centred people who I refer to as Movement-centric entrepreneurs, I worked with a totally different type of business person - these people were primarily "Transactional" and they were totally focussed on service provision at a profit. They have no message to share, no soul purpose, no "movement". I realised, after many, many, many years that I didn't want to work only with these people even though I continued to attract them. I soon discovered that the Movement people were struggling to make money and the Transactional people were struggling to feel complete - it was then that I realised that we all actually need both in our lives and businesses - this balance of both Movement and Transactional is what finally achieves true fulfilment in life.

You see those of my clients who were purely Transactional felt there was something missing and those were purely Movement never made any money and felt so deflated. So I began to mold my business to help those who were one become more of the other and achieve the ultimate fulfiment that I know is acheived by balancing both parts. 

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