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Jodee’s Teepee Weekender - the “entrepreneur’s festival”

events Oct 03, 2018

Have you heard I’m running an event this September?

I hope you're able to come along, I'm so excited about this - it's my first non-event. Yes, that sounds odd I know - I just read this back! The thing is I wanted to run a business event, or at least I thought I did. Then after some simmering (something all good ideas have to go through I think) I realised I wanted to run a new kind of event, one that supports all of you, one that nourishes your soul....

Have you been to a normal "business" event, you know the kind - someone stands up in front of you for 90 minutes talking at you and you furiously write copious notes because you want to make sure you've got your money's worth (and believe me, some of these "business"events cost an absolute fortune which you've paid because some international guru says you're not owning your power if you don't spend more than you can comfortably afford!) then you break for a coffee and some speed networking for 15 minutes before you are plunged headfirst into another 90 minute session.....brain-fry or what??

So I'm calling TIME OUT!!!! I want you to leave my event energised and invigorated and empowered and aware and open to possibilities...... not exhausted and brain-fried and needing several weeks to recover. I want you to release your blocks, and open your mind, and focus on your dreams, and discover your creativity, and join others in a wonderfully safe space. I want you to look after every part of you so your business can thrive.

Teepees - well why not? I wanted to create a truly relaxed and safe space so teepees was the only way to go - we are not "hotel rooms", we are not "conference centres", we are not "five star villas", we are JTW so we are gentle, soul supporting teepees. The magic that is present within a teepee... I've not felt anything like it! You step within the walls and are instantly cocooned in a space of utter calm - and that's what I want for you, remember, calm and safety so you can join in with all the wonder of JTW amongst other kindred spirits who are ready to grow amazingly successful businesses in a beautiful and generous way. I'm talking evening camp-fires, morning yoga, lunchtime mendhi, afternoon tea and a few pimms at 6pm!

Oooh my goodness I'm excited!
Hope to see you there!! 

Come and join in - checkout the website and find out more about my darling speakers and take a look at the beautiful hotels I have reserved for you nearby. JTW is hosted in the gardens of my wonderful Manor House in Worcestershire, England, which was built in 1560, so I've selected similarly aged hotels in the surrounding area for you to pass your slumber hours before returning to my garden and my teepees.

Three days of wonder and joy - I can't wait to see you in my garden!

Lots of love as always Jodee xxx

ps I'd like to invite you to share in the JTW love by becoming an affiliate - let me know and I’ll share the link and once in you can grab your unique link to support this wonderful event xx

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