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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

Ooh I love a Tuesday. In my world that means it's my day off and I get to enjoy the whole day from start to finish with my little girl poppy. It also means no school run as my husband takes Sam to school and he gets the bus home.

Waking up naturally is so decadent cos it's so rare. I woke at about 845 to cuddles and love with the Popster. Knowing I have no real plans for the day is also decadent!

Poppy has her lovely pal Avaani pop over with her Mum for our weekly banana bread cook up and we mums get to drink tea and put the world to rights.

I realised while writing my mid year goals that buying my farmhouse in France to run totally fabulous biz retreats in was on hold until I relaunched my academy and so the excuse of it not being ready just wasn't cutting it anymore! So this afternoon I wrote out a full plan of the videos I'm going to record on Friday morning.

This has to happen without fail. You know when you're on pause in your biz because something needs to get done but a dozen other things get in the way? Well no more! These extra videos need recording and I've put it off for too long so I'm holding myself accountable for planning today (DONE YEY!!) and recording on Friday.

I nearly finished with my plan when it was time for Poppys nap and you know what?! I went for a nap with her! Another decadence! I know right! It was wonderful - and I woke up naturally a while before she did! All recharged and ready to finish off my fabulous video plan!

Sometimes all we really need to do (and yes lovelies it is THIS SIMPLE) is to make a promise to ourselves to do something and then not let ourselves down. This attitude shift this week has massively helped me! So video recording on Friday is the next step and then I'll make another promise to myself for next week and keep up this momentum so I can launch before I go on holiday.

Because IT IS THIS SIMPLE! I promise therefore I will! I'll let you know how I get on on Friday my lovely xxx

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