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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I'm loving! It's given me the platform I needed to share my clients with the world in a way that gives them confidence and validation whilst enabling me to showcase their wonderful businesses on my facebook page. I've done three in 6 days! I think I'm addicted!

I'm going to be creating so many wonderful excuses to help put my clients in the spotlight - so many of them are holding back from becoming visible. It's quite astonishing the difference in their confidence when we're chatting away - they are bubbling with confidence whereas when they are on a fb live on their own they are uncomfortable and unsure. I truly believe BeLive will be a massive part of my client support programme moving forward. If you haven't tried it out yet, jump onto your browser and go to and sign up - it's free to use and you can create interviews as well as question and answer sessions with your tribe. 

Becoming more and more visible seems to be the way online business is determined to go, there's no more hiding your light under a bushel. It's just not allowed anymore. Online entrepreneurs of past years were able to simply create online programmes and tweet and facebook and create a tribe without too much effort. Now you're creating a tribe amongst lots of other busy online people so it's more important than ever to resonate with your following in an authentic and consistent manner.

This month I've been running my 3 week fb live challenge and my members have been awesome biz lovelies all ready to rise to the visibility demands of their businesses and I've been so exhilarated to watch their progress and the smiles growing broader as they become more and more comfortable sharing their messages with the world. The final step of the challenge was to launch their own challenge to their tribe and we had such success - one member had 33 members in her challenge and she is over the moon!!

It just goes to show how much validation you will receive if you just give FB live a chance - all my members are literally astounded by how fabulous they feel. It's definitely my favourite challenge yet - I can't wait til September when I run it again! If you want to jump on the waiting list come along and sign up today

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