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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I thought it was a good idea to write a little blog covering the differences between the Features and Benefits of your service offering or product. Here are some great examples to help you differentiate between the two so you can write great copy!

I see a lot of people confusing the two when writing their website sales copy so I realised this blog post was probably long overdue!

Benefits - this is the opportunity for you to wax lyrical about the wondrous difference to your clients' lives your course/service will make. The benefits are often a little more emotive and poetic than the features because you are trying to paint the picture of how it "feel" to use your service/course and how it will change their lives.

Let's write a few down that I would use in my Academy sales copy as examples to demonstrate my point. 

a) Imagine building your business without overwhelm, with the calm created by having everything in one place and knowing are not doing this alone. 

b) Being in control of how you build your business and all the tech that goes into it means you can adapt your online presence as you need to, as your business grows, without calling on other people to do it for you - my academy keeps you in the driving seat.

c) Imagine launching your fabulous biz into the world knowing you built it yourself! That feeling of immense pride and achievement and it's all down to you! 

d) No more need for multi-guru syndrome, you've got everything in one place, you've found your new tech best friend and we are going to have so much fun working on your fabulous business!

You can see how the language is encouraging and enthusiastic and paints a picture of how awesome it will be when they sign up to my Academy - of course right!!

Now for the features, these are much more straight forward - these are the hard facts of the offering and what they will gain tangibly. This is about what they get for their money so to speak. What's the bang for their buck? 

eg 5 worksheets, 10 videos, facebook online community, certification, live support, homework feedback, etc etc,

So hopefully you can see the difference between benefits and features more clearly now. Benefits are emotional, features are tangible. So you can now go and edit your sales pages to create really strong features and benefits sections to really help your page sell well!

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