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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

I've noticed a trend. I don't think I approve. I wonder if you've noticed it too. The long and boring pause at the beginning of a facebook live. Why oh why oh why? I understand the logic of course, they're waiting for an audience to grow before they launch into their topic of choice - but goodness me it's dull to watch!

 I love going on Facebook live and I don't need an audience per se - I just love sharing my message and knowing that my tribe will see it when it's ready - I genuinely don't think of the "live factor" I place higher value on the fact that it's in my feed and it will resonate with the right people at the right time. 

If you want to wait for the audience to grow then for goodness sake chat to your audience, introduce the topic and grow in momentum until you've reached your desired audience before you share the nuggets.

A good example are my facebook lives for my challenges - these are coaching calls and are scheduled in as an event within the programme. I know that I will have a certain number of people attending the live with q&a at the end of the call but I also know that I have lots of clients who are different time zones so I'm not expecting everyone in the audience. I open the call chatting over the work eveyone should have done up to that date and then I introduce the topic and then launch into the on topic coaching finishing off with the homework for their week ahead. 

We've all got plenty to talk about and a nice friendly preamble to begin your live is so much more interesting than watching you stare out of the window or stroke your beard lol :)

So please please no more pauses. Get talking and let's make FB live an amazing and engaging place to be xxx

ps if you fancy reading more of my business for facebook tips grab my Ten Commandments for Facebook Live and learn how to grow your business on fb with decorum



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