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advertising coaching Feb 19, 2018

When embarking on a new facebook advertising campaign it's important to embrace the data gathering exercise that this is. Step out of the mentality that this is about conversions. In the very first instance your facebook campaign is a research project. As time goes on and you learn your tribe and your audiences in fb you can scale your campaigns and earn money through any conversions, but in the very beginning we are keeping budgets low and gathering data.

The joy is that using my methodology you will not only learn lots about your tribe but you will also gain thousands of people into your fb audiences who you can then retarget in future campaigns.

I've created a super grid worksheet for you to use to create your initial adverts and landing pages to make sure you have planned everything before you begin the creation process.

I like to handle two of the biggest objections right up front. Have you helped real people make a difference to their lives and who are you to offer advice, why is it you are qualified to help them? So I like to deliver a testimonial in the FB advert itself, both via video and via transcription and then on the landing page provide you detailing credibility, again both via video and via transcription - so you have two adverts (text and video) and two landing pages (text and video). So you are handling these two massive objections as quickly as possible so people can go on to "convert". Testimonial and Credibility are massive.

You then need to contemplate your audiences. I recommend jumping into facebook and search for pages with no more than 1 million followers and then go to business facebook and create audience based on that page - this way you'll be collecting a whole new audience for you to test and see how you resonate with them. You also need to create audiences for your facebook live video viewers and page engagement. And once those audiences have populated you can then create lookalikes of those. So you'll then have 6 facebook engagement and lookalike audiences plus however many you have of facebook pages. The compound effect for ten audiences and four advert/landing page variations means you're creating 40 adverts. 

My grid worksheet will help you pull all this together and keep tabs on everything, you can then expand it to add in the data as the campaign runs. 

Keep your intention strong - this is data research and the data is power - imagine knowing how much a conversion actually costs you to bring in? This knowledge means you can scale your campaigns because you know your conversion data inside out. 

Your initial goal is 10% of those who click through to your landing page sign up for your freebie. Your ultimate goal is 40%. If you're getting less than 10%, ie 2-3%, it may be worth rethinking your freebie and doing some more research to find a freebie that's really needed.

Now you've got all the info you need, you can download my wonderful grid worksheet and get started today on your new testing campaign xx

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