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Uncategorized Oct 18, 2017

1. Clutter-free Emails
2. Bin all your receipts
3. Online Accounting
4. No More Filing
5. Be Cable Tidy


Firstly - [email protected]  Please please please if you do one thing today, please ditch your generic email for a domain based one asap (if you haven't already), it looks far more professional and shows people that your business is planning on sticking around.

Decluttering your main email. This really should just be reserved for proper correspondence because we don't want to be inundated with social media updates and subscription emails sitting in amongst our real emails. So my way of handling this is to create a second email for your membership/subscriptions/purchases etc for all your logins - e.g. [email protected] this will keep your main email far less cluttered and mean that you now know that every email in your main account is actionable and needs a response instead of receiving twitter notifications every five minutes. And you can keep an eye on the login account once a day.

Unsubscribe - this awesome piece of software helps you manage the email subscription lists that you don’t want to be on anymore - so go and visit and get unsubscribing!

Establish a new habit today - scan and email your receipts to your bookkeeper or yourself and then bin them immediately each time you get handed a receipt.

Firstly, please make the leap to commit to an online accounting software package that brings you joy so you love working with it each day - I love for this reason - I reconcile my bank statements several times a day, it's never a chore, I stay up to date with my accounts and I get a beautiful happy green tick each time! My £14 per hour bookkeeper then pops in for an hour a week to add my scanned receipts to the transactions. Easy!

Next, calculate your corporation or income tax as soon as you can once your financial year end closes so you can save up monthly amounts in order to have the amount needed in time for the due date of the bill. Eg. my financial year end is March 31st and my corporation tax is then due on the 31st December. So I try to complete my accounts as quickly as possible, reviewing all the payments and expenses (remember my transactions are already in xero so this is easy) and then have my accountant calculate my tax and then divide it by 9 so I don't have a panic in November and a rubbish Christmas scrabbling to get the money together.

KonMari theory states that there only two different types of paperwork -

Things that you need to action (bills etc) - make a pending box and store everything in there and assign a day each week for dealing with these items.


Things that you need to keep (e.g. certificates of insurance)

Literally everything else can be binned or scanned (as per receipts above) you don’t need to keep credit card or bank statements once you’ve given them a review to make sure all is as it should be they can be shredded.
I especially love Marie's attitude to course materials - bin them! She says that if you didn't take in the information then you should retake the course not keep the materials to refer back to - harsh but true. I felt awesome when I binned all of my folders which had been taking up so much space on my shelves in the office - at the end of the day the value of the course is now in your head, not in your notes.

Grab some beautiful ribbons that make you smile and tie up your loose cabling, whether beneath your desk, or in your cable drawer so it all becomes pretty and tidy instead of messy and tangled. Chargers, power cables and adapters all need a home even when they're not in use and this keeps them from entangling one another beautifully. The wonderful thing about completing the KonMari method is that you will now know all the electrical appliances you own and be able to pair up cabling and bin any mystery leads as you can be confident they are redundant. And if you buy new appliances grab the tppex and write on the cabling what it's for :)

So much gold in the KonMari method - truly truly life-changing!

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