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Are you monetarily AND energtically invested in your business creation?

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

Let's discuss the concepts of monetary investment and energetic investment. I work with a lot of clients who are really excited to get started working with me
me and they are so happy that they've got me on their team and they're saying, "Let's do this! Let's build my business". But after the excitement of starting wears off, we can find we run into some problems. It might be creating the content for something, might be writing a sales page or recording a video and it just doesn't work. It's because they're not in flow.

I've had clients tell me it took all day to record a two minute video, or they're still figuring out their homepage content six months later. If that's what's happening for you, it's because you're not energically invested in the project. You might well be monetary invested, which is super important, but you must be energetically invested as well.

I bet you've experienced this yourself - it's effectively "shiny object syndrome". You've simply GOT to learn this new course or you've got to buy that new piece of kit, or you've got to go through some kind of coaching program with somebody. The problem is that what you're actually doing is handing the responsibility of your business build project over to somebody else, and that's not fair. You're giving the responsibility to the delivery man of the kit you bought because you cant move forward recording your videos without it, or you've got to wait until you've finished the course you're learning etc etc. 

It's your business and it's your content and it's your name on everything. So keep the responsibility for the business creation to yourself. Yes, you need to hire people, yes you buy kit, yes, you sign up for learning and online courses and things like that, but the responsibility for the business build remains yours and yours only. So if you retain responsibility and you're both monetarily and energetically invested in a project, you'll find that all of the content creation you do is easy. You'll be in flow. You are absolutely not going to struggle with creating a video. You're absolutely not going to struggle with writing a sales page or a blog or whatever it is that you need to do because it's just absolutely flowing beautifully. If you acknowledge that you are currently monetarily invested but not quite yet energetically invested, this is what's going to hold you back. So hiring someone like me at this point, whilst it is delicious and fantastic and amazing, it's not going to get your business built unless you're energetically invested.

Ask yourself the question, are you using shiny object syndrome to pass responsibility for your business build onto somebody else because you're not ready yet? The key thing is to make sure that you're ready both energetically and monetarily ready to build your business and then you'll FLOW BABY!

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