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facebook tutorials Oct 18, 2017

I'm going to talk you through setting up a facebook pixel to gather audience data in your Facebook Ad Account to use when you're advertising your super biz. This is called "retargeting" and it's going to change your biz in five minutes!

By adding a Facebook custom audience pixel to your whole website your ad account will start to gather an audience made of all the people who visit your website - it's absolute gold for advertising as you know these people like your work! Do it even if you're not planning to start advertising quite yet because the data will be there for you when you are xx you can then use this data to target an ad to all the people who visited one particular page on your site - how awesome is that?! Imagine if I just wanted to advertise to the facebook users who visited these blog pages! I could do that!

Pop onto your FB page and if the FB page branding doesn't turn dark grey from the normal blue branding then its because you haven't updated your FB biz page to Facebook for business yet so pop along to and upgrade and then create an ad account.

Now go to your FB biz page within Facebook (it'll now turn dark grey) and click the little three line burger menu top left by your logo and then click on Ads Manager and you'll get a new layout page with a top menu - click tools at the top then click pixels and you can create your new pixel.

PS You only make one generalised custom audience pixel per account which goes on every page. You can then add little snippets of code to this pixel code if you want to later track for specific conversions (eg thankyou page after a sale etc).

Now once you've gone through the pixel creation wizard you will need to copy the code and add it to your website templates index file - the same place as you add your google tracking code (email it to your web guru if you're not sure where to put it). We use yootheme templates and theres a spot in the template manager to paste your code in and the template adds it to every page for you automatically. If you don't have yootheme and you have wordpress then there's an easy solution - you can upload the lovely wordpress pixel plugin and then go to each post/page and scroll down and you'll see where to paste your pixel code.

So there you go my lovelies! Give your biz the gift of these five minutes today and you'll be a very happy bunny xxx

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