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jodee sitting forwardI want you to lllloooooovvvve your business! And it's really easy to love a business that's flying rather than one that's a hard slog, right?

I'm going to help you set up the strongest foundation and build such amazing projects that your business is like your creative outlet and you thrive because it thrives.

Multi-Guru Syndrome

When you can’t find the right support or guidance or purposeful order of things that you need to progress, you often feel frustration and overwhelm. You bounce from online course to online course but never actually feel like you're doing the right thing for your biz. I call this "multi-guru" syndrome - you know what I'm talking about right? Lots of people who have had success building their own businesses so they offer you their secrets? It's attractive I know! But they've never actually built anyone else's business but their own. Well, let me put your mind at rest, I've been building online businesses for since 2005 and have literally built hundreds and hundreds all in different niches and industries so I promise you my programme works!

I want your business journey to be truly joyful and I know that with my help it will be.

I've formulated, perfected, modified and worshipped the 9 steps of my coaching programme to help hundreds of businesses for over ten years so I know this shizzle works and I can't wait to help you make it work for you too!

digital marketing | copywriting | website design | heart-centred sales funnels | email automation

The point is I’m not just a qualified digital marketer, I’m not just a copy writer, I’m not just a website designer, I'm not just a qualified email automation whizz, I’m not just a tech guru - I’m all of those things so you genuinely have everything you need in one place!

the right guru

You don’t need to forge relationships with five different people - you just need one, me - I will work alongside you and completely understand your biz and help you work on it, that's me actually working on it with you - how awesome is that! Imagine having me as your business partner for the next three months! Its too exciting!  And I've done this for lots and lots of people before you so you know you can rely on me xx

Don't just take my word for it - here's a few of my gorgeous clients commenting on how they loved my programme xx

Connie-Lee Bennett "The first time I connected with Jodee I was drawn to her authenticity which is why I decided to work with her. I was excited by the prospect of taking 'all my knowledge' and sharing it with more people on an international level, but didn't really know how to take every thing out of my head and put it into a structured programme. After working with Jodee I now have launched my online THRIVE programme and am very happy. She has supported me every step of the way and I never felt like I was 'being annoying by asking her for help' because she was always there, eager and willing to support me. This was a complicated journey for my left brain but Jodee's handheld approach made it easy for me to learn how to do it myself and I am taking away life long skills to move my business forward each year. I had such fun working with Jodee and because of this I have decided to keep her on a life long retainer :) Thank you Jodee xxxx"

Iris Fritschi-Cussens says of working with me on her sales process "Jodee helped me identify the need to create an entry-level paid product at the top of my sales funnel. She looked at my existing free & paid content and came up with a great idea reusing and building on content that I’d already created (art templates). What was even better was her suggestion to offer it as a subscription service, rather than a one off. Once I had created a few more templates I liaised with Jodee again to get input on how to best serve this to my customers in an automated way. She came up with a great suggestion using already existing functionality in my course software that ensured reliability for the customer and automation for me. Jodee’s ability to take my problems/concerns and quickly and decisively come up with solutions was absolutely priceless to me."

My nine step programme

So are you ready to come and join me on a gorgeous journey to become Totally Fabulous?

The kind of people who need Jodee in their lives working with them on their gorgeous businesses right now are the ones who have an awesome business idea but need guru support in setting it up and making sure its successful. They're the kind of people who want to work with someone who knows what they're doing, the kind of person that has bucketloads of knowledge and experience so they know they are in safe hands. 

If this sounds like you then read on to discover the intense and beautiful work that we will be doing together - with me by your side you can be confident that you're about to propel your business idea into it's next super successful phase. 

Does this sound like you right now -

  • you are the lovely owner of a heart-centred business
  • you understand this will require focussed attention to move forward
  • you're not afraid to put the effort in to succeed
  • you're looking for a coach with proven tech and online marketing guru loveliness
  • the right coach for you is someone who is a tigger to your eeyore
  • you are a maker-happener

So the fact that you are still reading means you are ready, this is so fantastic, so exciting and I can't wait to meet you!

You may be feeling slightly nervous right now knowing you're going to be moving out of your comfort zone and into forward motion by committing to this journey, that is completely normal so we need to embrace it and feel the fear and get moving!

I know this will be an exhilarating and empowering journey for you and you will most likely fall in love with your business all over again as a result of the work we're going to put in over the next few months.

Jodee's coaching programme - 

Step 1

  • Understanding exactly what your business idea is and why it's important to you
  • Putting yourself in your ideal clients shoes and really getting to know them
  • Understanding the role your offering plays in your ideal client's life
  • Creating the ultimate strapline for your business

Step 2

  • Going behind the scenes of your competitors marketing efforts
  • Compiling a strong list of keywords for any copy you will need to write

Step 3

  • Creating a beautifully heart-centered sales funnel that resonates with your ideal client and hardly feels like selling at all. using Kajabi this is incredibly intuitive and you'll be able to continue to grow your business with a short amount of training from us moving forward.

Step 4

  • Creating a brand that speaks to your ideal client and makes your heart soar

Step 5

  • Building your totally fabulous business website - yes we build it for you - all in Kajabi which is the leading website and online course platform and it's so lovely to work in you'll love it! We also specialise in Joomla and Wordpress.

Step 6

  • Creating the ultimate user journey for the three different types of website visitor

Step 7

  • Learning how to write eloquently for your ideal client

Step 8

  • Building your sales funnel and email automation - yes we build it all for you!!

Step 9

  • LAUNCH! Now your business is live we need to drive traffic to your website, so this step is all about Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter and how they can work for you (don't worry you don't have to choose them all)
  • Lets get blogging! Understanding how blogging builds an asset and getting you started blogging gently

Now, before we talk more I know you're keen to know the financial investment you need to make in order to move forward with my
Totally Fabulous Coaching journey

Build Your Business with Jodee - £5,000

Imagine having me by your side for the entire journey, we'll build your business over a three to five month period and you can pay monthly for the duration of our time together. You'll receive an hour long weekly coaching call usually on Skype or in person if you're local to me. We will aim to build your website and sales funnel and launch your biz on Facebook in three months! Working on three steps of my programme per month. How awesome is that!

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