My Totally Fabulous Programme

May I present to you my Totally Fabulous programme. This pathway is a wonderful tool to avoid the overwhelm of "what am I to do next" that so many entrepreneurs experience. It has been honed and perfected over the past years since 2005 when I started my web design business. Tried and tested with hundreds of clients in so many niches I've lost count! This programme forms the basis for both my Academy (online DIY course) and of my one-to-one coaching.

Please explore all the different areas below (note that the website and sales funnel builds are not included with Academy membership but are part of my one-to-one offering.)

1. Solid Foundation

  • Understanding exactly what your business idea is and why it's important to you
  • Putting yourself in your ideal clients shoes and really getting to know them
  • Understanding the role your offering plays in your ideal client's life
  • Creating the ultimate strapline for your business

4. Branding Your Business

  • Creating a brand that speaks to your ideal client and makes your heart soar
  • Understanding colour and emotion
  • How to identify your brand personality

7. Content your tribe will love

  • Writing eloquently for your ideal client
  • Understanding your biz personality
  • My 12 step formula is gold for launching your first page!
  • Learn how to write with clarity and focus and remember it's a work in progress

2. Competition Strategy

  • Going behind the scenes of your competitors marketing efforts
  • Using google keyword tool to help you understand keywords
  • Compiling a strong list of key phrases for any copy you will need to write
  • The pros and cons of keywords and keyphrases

5. Build Your Website Project

  • Building your totally fabulous business website - yes we build it for you
  • Choose Kajabi, Joomla or Wordpress for your online platform

8. Funnel & email automation

  • Building your sales funnel and email automation - yes we build it for you
  • From blog to freebie to subscriber and then raving fan
  • All the tech done for you ready for you to launch your beautiful business!

3. Heart-Centred Funnels

  • Sales funnel are very clever pathways for your tribe and they don't have to feel icky
  • We'll create a beautifully heart-centered sales funnel that resonates with your ideal client and hardly feels like selling at all
  • Identify the passive income stream that every biz has

6. Your Customer Journey

  • Build your cold, warm and hot website visitor profiles
  • Creating the ultimate user journey for the three different visitors

9. Launch! Now let's drive traffic!

  • LAUNCH! Now your business is live we need to drive traffic to your website
  • Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter & Blogging
  • How they can work for you (don't worry you don't have to choose them all)

Ready to work with me? Superb! Please get in contact with me below xx

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